The coordinator for the German partner is Mrs Bagola.

You can contact her at

Reinhard Lakomy Grundschule

Gallinchener Strasse 4

03051 Cottbus




tel: 0049355522675


Präsentation Schule homepage 

Here you can find some fact files made by our pupils in class 5 and 6.

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Here more about our school and our hometown. These pages prepared the pupils from class 6.

our schhol1 our school 2 our school 3

zoo Wendish church town museum town hall spremberg tower spreeauenpark sorbian museum pharmacy museum old market oberkirche Klosterkirche Dieselkraftwerk coin tower city wall castle mountain aircraft museumCoin towerDiesel power stationOberkirche 1Park railwayThe zoo and the railwayWendich Church