European week

Project days in the European week

We have a new exhibition about our project work „ The joy of sports and healthy living“ in our English and meeting room.

Here all visitors can see what we have done in our second project year, for example:

  • Healthy run
  • Sports games
  • Sport clubs
  • Sport facilities
  • Healthy menu and so onOur 5th and 6th graders visited a play called „Fear in the Forest“ in English. They were very excited and the play was really scary and exciting.Englishtheatre

Project“ Active breaks“

We have guests at our school for one school week.They brought a lot of gambling machines. The pupils love them very much. They could try them out in the breaks and in the PE lessons. They could do cooperative games together or balance games, go by scooters and others.

They had great fun.

European Day- a project day

We did a project day on 9th May. The pupils did different topics around Europe including dances, cooking and sport. They made posters about animals which live in Europe or about geographical topics about the countries.

Otherwise we did our 2nd competion in „Who ist he fittest“. The pupils had a lot of fun. The best got 17 points. Great!

Watch the other results under the main topics.


Healthy recipes in Home Economics

Our students love cooking so fifth graders and sixth graders in the Home Economics class which is a part of Health education practiced on healthy recipes. The sixth graders made and tasted three kinds of salads (potatoes salad, cabbage- carrot salad and greek salad). The fifth graders prepared a  dessert -cream with fresh milk and corn flour- which is popular for students this age.


What would you buy for lunch with 10 euros?

We liked Poland’s idea and results , so we did something similar.  Using advertisements was very clever, because it gave the children a sense of how much families spend on shopping for their meals.  Children used their money to make healthy choices for their meal combining different food groups. It was a very creative way of working for this activity.

What would you buy for lunch with 10 euros


It is so much fun to write and wait the letters from our pen pals!

Letters to our pen pals


Sport and healthy living in art!



Here are some winter things we did in our sport lessons in February

Winter fun!


What would you buy for lunch if you had 20 zl?

What would you buy….


Easter Breakfast in Flex 2



Lesson about Italy

Students in Poland have leessons about partners in Erasmus+. This time was about Italy. It was a wanderful trip with lots of excitement. Thank you Gabri and Italian friends.

Włochy na www


Easter Cards and Posters for Nutrition travelling to Italy

Cyprus representatives are getting ready to travel to Italy. All of colleagues and pupils send you their greetings along with our Easter Cards for you all and some posters we have prepared promoting  the importance of balanced diet and daily exercise.

Easter cards and Posters of Nutrition