Media Coverage

The TV company came to Cottbus to film our project. We were also in the local newspaper!

First Transnational Meeting in Larnaca, Cyprus (September 2015)

After our first transnational meeting at Dimotiko Scholeio Agios Lazaros B’ in Larnaca, Cyprus we have prepared a short article for the press. Here is the published presentation of our project in a national newspaper in Cyprus.


In addition, one of our activities (Preparing and sharing a traditional recipe) was presented in a nationwide school magazine published by the Ministry of Education. Here is the relevant article:


Publication of the project on an educational website in Cyprus – paideianews

In Italy our partecipation to the European project “The joy of sports and healthy living” has been disseminated through the newspaper. We also inform community that our school and all the other european schools organized in the same day the “Run for Health” in order to highlight te importance of movement toghether with a good eating!

theJoSaHL Finnish media coverage so far…   Run for health happening 2015 with Skype-connection to Scotland and  report of the Erasmus-meeting in Finland in spring 2016.