2nd evaluations January 2016


In order to evaluate the implementation of the program for the period September – December 2015 we have prepared and gave questionnaires to parents, teachers and students to get feedback of our activities. Here are the results of the questionnaires:

Cyprus Questionnaire parents

Cyprus Questionnaire students

Cyprus Questionnaire teachers


We have done the evaluation among students, parents and teachers and these are the results.

Poland evaluation-parents

Poland evaluation-students

Poland evaluation-teachers


Here are our evaluation. Classrooms taking part in the evaluation are 7.

Italy Evaluation Parents

Italy Evaluation Students

Italy Evaluation Teachers



Here are the German results of evaluation.

Our pupils from class 4,5,and 6 and their parents have done the evaluation and at least our teachers did it ,too.

questionnaire students germany

questionnaire parents germany

questionnaire teachers germany



Here are the results of the evaluations collected in the UK


UK summary of parent evaluation Jan 2016

UK summary of student evaluation Jan 2016

UK summary of teacher evaluation Jan 2016

Here are some drawings the children made about what being healthy means to them.

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