Telling the children about our visit to Germany


Here are most of the pupils at St Thomas enjoying a presentation made by Miss McCormick about the visit she and Ms Francis made to Germany last week. It was very hard work but utterly inspiring and as with any visits made by staff there was much to be learned and shared. Next visit is for everyone to come to Scotland in late November!


In the swing of it!

Today we started to learn how to play golf. We are learning it because we chose a golfer as our sporting idol. Some of us have played before so that was a great help to Ms Francis.

Officially a project :)

Look at this pretty sign outside our school 🙂


Nursery and P6-7 in the UK working together

Our Erasmus project is all about healthy eating and sports. Today we were learning about vegetables and how we can print with them. Later in the week we are going to cook and eat vegetables….NOT the same ones 🙂

The art work will be our ‘Picture of Health’ contribution to our group collage.