Easter Cards and Posters for Nutrition travelling to Italy

Cyprus representatives are getting ready to travel to Italy. All of colleagues and pupils send you their greetings along with our Easter Cards for you all and some posters we have prepared promoting  the importance of balanced diet and daily exercise.

Easter cards and Posters of Nutrition


European Project EAThink

Our neighbor Gymnasium participates in a three years European project funded by  EuropAid which includes 12 countries from Europe and 2 from Africa. It involves activities for the cultivation of organic food and preservation of the environment. They organized a presentation of the program with a bazaar of healthy snacks and our sixth graders were invited. They bought healthy organic snacks, heard traditional music and watch a traditional theater play with paper puppets called Karagiozis (Shadow Theater).



Back to reality

After spending a wonderful week in Scotland we  return to our  routines from tomorrow. Many thanks to Marion and her colleagues for being excellent hosts. You were so generous to show us your country, your culture and your school. We are grateful for your hospitality. We had a lovely time and everything was well planned and organized. We are very happy to work with you to this and maybe future projects.

Athletic activities with Agios Lazaros A’

We have been very slow this year for organizing athletic activities because the weather has been extremely hot for workout in the open space. Now that the weather gets cooler we had our usual athletic meeting with our neighbor school Agios Lazaros A’ . Students of the sixth grade of both schools participated in groups and visited  four sports stations: basketball, football, bowling and game of throwing the ball. There was also a station for relaxing where the pupils had an apples to renew their strength.All students liked the activities and we promised them to organize a Part B of the athletic meeting in our school yard. athletic-activities


Beans report

Despite our efforts to keep every plant alive the weather was very hot and worked against us. Especially during Easter vacation when the school was closed  nobody could water the plants for about 5 days. We tried to save them these past two weeks. As you can see from the pictures the survivors are the beans from Germany and Italy. Plants from Poland are struggling to overcome the heat,  while beans from Scotland did not make it at all. We decided to plant the Finnish beans next Autumn and see how they will do in our winter time.



Beans’ report

We have planted the beans you gave us in Finland about a month ago in pots outside. They are doing excellent. There has been  good weather and that helped a lot. We water them everyday and hope that the heat will not burn them. If everything goes fine, by the end of the school year we plan to harvest, cook  and eat them. It was a nice idea to try out this activity after all.



Etwinning is a great tool!

Today we had the chance to use etwinning to exchange messages with  students in Scotland. It was an easy going and enjoyable experience. Our students have been active and anxious to ask and learn information about how schools work in a different country. It was a pity that we did not have more time because of the time difference between the two countries. Once more many thanks to Cathy setting up etwinning for the project and for teaching us to use it in Finland.  We want to talk to everybody now. Any volunteers?

Everybody is cooking

Last week the students of 5th grade prepared a healthy traditional recipe with bulgur wheat which is very popular  and children like it a lot. Our younger students in 3rd grade got jealous and decided to make a recipe too. So they made a dessert  with biscuits, cacao and butter which they enjoyed. This week the students of 4th grade have invited a grandmother and with her guidance they will make a traditional snack with halloumi cheese which is a special kind of salty cheese we produce in Cyprus. The fasting period for Easter will start in ten days so we try to eat everything before that.