Who is the Fittest?


We had the sports competition “Who is the fittest?” on Thursday the 19th. Here are the pictures of the activity:


Who is the fittest17




FINLAND  19.5.2016

Who is the fittest in the Iisvesi school. Sunny day and happy students…


… and happy winners!



While our learning and teaching activity in Cottbus we did our “Who is the fittest” competition on 27th April. Teachers from Cyprus, Poland, Finland, Scotland, Italy and Germany were the judges. We had great helpers. Thanks to the 6 German and 6 Polish pupils. They were super.

Our six stations were:

Throwing the medicine ball

Sit ups

Target throw with tea bags

Flamingo standing

Over and under


The best class was the 6a. These pupils won the “Over and under” competition.

The best pupils reached 12 points.



Germany 9th May 2017

We did it again. We had a project day on the European Day. There we did our second competition “Who is the fittest”. The high score were 18 points Our best pupils got 17 points.

Who is the fittest 2017

UK Who’s The Fittest Competition

Miss McCormick and Ms Francis recreated the Who’s The Fittest competition once they returned to Scotland. Here are the pictures;


The winners will receive their certificates on Wednesday-Ms Francis’ last day at St Thomas.

Who’s the fittest? in Poland

We organised a kind of competition for pupils who do sports. First they prepare posters about themselves, we presented them in the school hall and then students of all grades voted for who’s the fittest for them. It was a great fun! The winners received certificates and prizes. The PE teachers Mrs Anna Wysocka and Mr  Robert Kotowicz together with Mrs Gertruda Dudzik organized the event and we are going to recreate the competition we took part in Germany.


Who is the fittest? In Italy

Thursday 12 and Friday 13 children of Primaria A. Manzoni joined “Who is the fittest?” competition. Children had to play 6 different activities common to all the partners: jump, throwing tea bags, medicine ball, sits-up, flamingo and “over Scotty”. Children have been guided by a recreational and sportif local association called “Estatissima” (check at: click here ). On monday 16 all the pupils of the school received the certificates of taking part to “Who is the fittest”; the fittest class has been: 4°A who received also a small gift with some school’s material and one-day voucher to join “Estatissima sportif camp”.


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Who’s the fittest? competition in Poland during the Erasmus meeting in May

Who’s the fittest- webpage


Who is the fittest?? A really stunning day! All the children of the school really enjoyed this activity. They had fun practising sports and games. We, as school, decided to include in this day also the “European Day” where all the families have been invited to school. Families have been able to admire what has been doing by pupils during these project years. They also contributed to prepare a healthy break based on bread, oil, honey and jam. We want to say also a special thank you to children, families, school staff and “Estatissima” association who gave a big help in the organisation!

Who is the fittest 2 year