Run for Health

We wanted to start our first “Run of Health” on 16th October 2015 in Cottbus

but we can’t do it because it rains to much and our sports ground is under water.


The weather forecast says that it will rain more. Besides it is very cold here. We have only 5 degrees and frosty nights. It is like winter without snow but with o lot of wetness.

So we will try it again after our holidays in November.


Run for Health” is an European marathon where all the countries cover 42 Km. In order to highlight the idea of being an European group we decided that each of the six countris had to cover 7 Km.
We did it!! Yesterday, October 16, after a cloudy and rainy morning, sun came out in the afternoon so we started our marathon which involved all the community. Also our headmaster joined in!
We want to say a special thank you to each one who helped us in our project: the Commune of Capannori, assessor Serena Frediani, the Sportif Associations (Marciatori Marliesi and its President Ruggero Taddeucci, and Canapino), all the parents and our headmaster.
It was a success and at the end everybody was happy and conscious of what is important being healthy.


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Hi, We did it!!! We started at 9 o’clock. First, grade 5 did it in the gym because of the rain but then the sun appeared and we managed to  do it in the sports field. Hooray!!! Everybody had fun!!! We ran 7 km together! Participants received certificates and medals.

WP_20151016_08_13_58_Pro WP_20151016_08_57_44_Pro WP_20151016_08_59_08_Pro WP_20151016_09_11_07_Pro WP_20151016_09_11_52_Pro WP_20151016_09_19_53_Pro WP_20151016_12_16_20_Pro WP_20151016_12_17_25_Pro WP_20151016_12_18_05_Pro

2015-10-16 12.19.17 WP_20151016_004 WP_20151016_006 WP_20151016_011 WP_20151016_019


       We did it as well. After checking with the weather, we had our RUN FOR HEALTH on the 29th of October after a national holiday. Our pupils were relaxed and we did it on 8.30 a.m because there was a chance of rain afterwards. Every one of our pupils and teachers had a full round of the basketball field (81 m) so all together we have covered actually more than 7 Km. Better for us!!! I have prepared a short film as well but we need to get permission from certain families to have their children included. I hope I will be able to post it later.

third fifth first forth second sixth


      We did it once more and it was fun. This year we did not only run around our basketball field but all over the school yard. The weather was warm and sunny after a day of heavy rain so classes run the central and side yard and took pictures of all of school grounds. Enjoy our video.

We did our run this morning. We all had a blast especially as we were dressed as fireworks! We were so pumped for the fun run when we were doing the warm-up on video conference with the Finnish children. The run was tiring but fun because I was with my friends. The weather was fine and the scenery beautiful. We were quite tired after the run some would say exhausted. We would like to wish Germany good luck tomorrow with their run, we will be thinking of you. xx


Yes, we did it.
We ran on 6th November 2015. The weather was great. It was like springtime. We had 15 degrees. All pupils were very motivated and did their best.

Some of them ran more than 8 km in 45 minutes. The best boys ran 22 laps and the best girl 20 laps. These are pupils in our 4th class.

We ran more than one marathon because all pupils together reached 1931 laps. These are 772 400 km= nearly 18 marathons.

IMG_2978 IMG_2980 IMG_2982 IMG_2986 IMG_3000 IMG_2998 IMG_2999 IMG_2997

Here some reports about our Run for health written by pupils from class 5.

FINLAND 5.11.2015

Fine day to run for health. Special thanks to Scottish children and teachers for the SUPER FUN live connection with plays and dances! You ROCK!

run1                     run2

After international Skype session we run our own part of the marathon.

RUNforHEALTH1                  run4

run3  Pure energy, full strength and HAPPILY HEALTHY

Germany 14.10.2016

Today we had our sports competition with our second RUN FOR HEALTH. It was really cold in the morning- only 4 degrease. Some of our pupils had gloves and they felt cold. But after the Run all of them were hot and happy. Watch the photos and you will see how they have enjoyed these sporty day.


Run for Health in Poland


We finally managed to do our second Run for Health. Last week the weather was awful and we could’t do it. But this week we were having fun running and doing a marathon together. We used all our sports facilities in Strzegom: a school playground, a stadium, a park. Our students also prepared posters encouraging others to take part. It was fun!!!

Second Run For Health in Italy 16/11/2016

Sun was shining. temperature was great! What else?! In our school preparations started on morning when children of all the classess prepared a healthy snack to eat after the event. Ingredients were typical of our area: olive oil was seasonal and the fruits as well. Children were very good because they demonstraed to understand the importance of the combination of movement and healthy foods. Here are preparations:

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In the afternoon there was the Run For Health in the parking of our school. Lots of person helped us to organize the activity: our Headmaster, families, Commune, Recreational Club “Estatissima” with its team ( , teachers…The activity has not been thought as a run but as a relay where pupils run in small groups. In different places of the parking there were some desks, each for class, where pupils waiting their turn, supported their friends. In the end at each desk, pupils ate what they prepared in the morning. Great success!!

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FINLAND – On a rainy day in November 2016 (Run For Your Health)

One rainy day in November guest from elf land came to our school. He had a sweet treasure with him. He was a little bit crafty and said that you have to catch me first! Then he run away and left some weird signs all over, some of them misleading. Finally, after hard running,  students caught him! And the fastest ones got the treasure. Next day we all got a prize for  a good job.

Run for your health


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