Polish Project Days

We had the first project day – Healthy food and lifestyle. I was a great day! We had lessons about ORGANIC FOOD, we prepared the decoration in the school hall, the Piramide of Food and organised activities. Young learners had a day with milk, fruit and vegetables. Older students made a healthy boy or girl and we presented the posters in the school hall. Some classes made healthy sandwiches, some  fruit salad and some smoothie. We had faces painted with fruit and vegetables, student wore colours of healthy produts and everybody had a great fun. Almost all teachers were involved and that was the point I think.


The second project day in Poland

December 2016

We enjoyed the second Project Day at our school. This time we bought products and materials for our pupils and we planned the activities. The fourth graders made posters with healthy meals. The fifth graders prepared sandwiches “Eat with your eyes” with vegetables and healthy products. The sixth graders had to create nice and healthy snacks made of fruit. We had a lot of fun and healthy lunch.