Italian Project Days

One child of each team picked three ingredients from the basket. He walked/ran throughout the school to find the right working table to give the right ingredients. After given, pupil received the logo of his team and returned in the gym where some children practised sports while other were ready to start. In each working table there were other children with parents and teachers who worked together in order to prepare a big sportif poster, a 3D healthy pyramid and a healthy break: mixed fruits, bred and honey and a delicious cake. At the end of the relay all the pupils gather in the gym to practise sports and eat what they prepared.


Yesterday  14 th Dicember we had our second Project Day. It was a fantstic day and all the children enjoyed a lot!!!!! In the morning pupils in the 3rd, 4th and 5th grade joyned fencing lessons with two coaches who have improvised at the beginning a combat showing various techiniques.

In the afternoon pupils in the 1st,2nd grade played with a special friend called Oliva.

Thanks to Centro Ippico Marilla (click here for website) who allowed all the pupils to ride Oliva and understood the love towards animals and the importance of this sport. Of course at the end of activities everybody ate a healthy break: a cake made of bread, chocolate, milk, oil, eggs and butter! Delicious!

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Here is the “European Day”. Families have been invited at school to see what has been doing during the 2 project years. Families have also collaborated with school to a healthy break based on fresh fruit, bread, oil, jam and honey. It was a success! 🙂

European Day 2 year