German Project Days

Our first project day

Our school realized our first project day about healthy living.

There the pupils could take part on different work shops.

In the afternoon we showed our parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters and of course our teachers while a big presentation what we have learned in the morning workshops. After these our guests could bought the food what we cooked and could try it.It was a nice day.

That did we do in our workshops:

  • making butter and bread with these butter and chive
  • cows and milk
  • cooking healthy meals
  • prepare posters about our partner countries
  • dancing
  • singing
  • play the drums
  • talking about children’s rights
  • playing sport games

Mission Paralympics

On the first of June our 3rd graders took part at the Mission Paralympics in our sports centre. In summary more than 700 pupils did sports there together with disabled children.

The weather was bad. Therefore it took place in our athletics indoor arena.

They could tried out to go by wheelchairs, learned about healthy food, played sitting volleyball and more.

All of them had a lot of fun.

You can find more under youtube ( Mission Paralympics Cottbus 2016).

Our sporty class trip

Both 6th classes were together on a sporty class trip for one week in Gruenheide/Vogtland.

There we did a lot of sports together. We had a bowling competition at the first day. On the second day we visited a ski jump and in the afternoon we practiced on a slackline. It was quite difficult to hold the balance.

On the third day we played different sport games in the gym and later we visited a museum about astronauts. We were hiking to the museum through a wood. It was a 8km walk.

On the 4th day we visited a summer toboggan run. There we had a lot of fun. In the afternoon we went swimming. That was really nice because outside it was really hot.

In our free time we played football and other games outside.


 Henrietta in Fructonia- a play 

On our last school week the 1st and 2nd graders visited a play in our theatre. The topic was healthy food and healthy living. This play should help as early as possible to have fun with a healthy lifestyle – without pressure and moralizing.

Our pupils had a lot of fun there.


Our sports day

On the 19th July we had our sports day. The sun was shining and we had a lot of fun. We did 10 different stations for example rope skipping, running, jumping, throwing balls, Hula Hoop, catching balls and so on.


Class trips to different sports facilities or about healthy living

Our classes visited some sports facilities around our hometown Cottbus. They were in the football stadium of Energie Cottbus, in the Sports Centre, in a bowling centre, in an indoor playground, in a sport park or they prepared healthy food together.

All classes had a lot of fun.


On 14th  October 2016 we did  sports day including our second “Run for health”. It was really cold but the pupils enjoyed the sports competition very much. WE did it on another sports facility in our town. It is a really nice sports ground and I think we will use it next time, too. Here are some photos from that exciting day.


Active Break 2017

Active break

European Day 2017

European Day