Sporty Idols


Here are some samples of interesting sport idols task. Each class tried to find local active or non-active athletes. There were included ice-hockey players like Iiro Pakarinen and Aatu Hämäläinen, volleyball player Lauri Kerminen, olympic skier  Liisa Suihkonen,  but the best sports idol was (for the youngest students) of course own dad, mom or big sister/brother. We managed to make two interviews: 3th and 4th grade interviewed biathlete legend Yrjö Salpakari and 5th and 6th grade interviewed nordic combined silver medalist from Sapporo 1972 Rauno Miettinen.


WP_20160217_16_08_01_Pro          WP_20160217_16_08_56_Pro         IMG_0086

WP_20160215_11_55_24_Pro    rauno

Interview with Yrjö Salpakari and Rauno Miettinen

IMG_0074     IMG_0076

Rauno Miettinen    rauno (2)


Here the youngest children have been learning about one idol a week from each of our partner countries. Here they present Cypriot runner  Eleni Artymata. Next week is a snowboarder from…….Finland!

Today we had some visitors;

Paul Lawrie and Kevin Duncan came to school. They are famous golfers. Paul was very kind and he encouraged us all to play golf, to not give up when things were bad and to eat and drink healthy foo. He said he eats six or seven pieces of fruit everyday! He invited us to Aberdeen to play golf in the summer at the Paul Lawrie Foundation. Kevin is a pupil at KGS and really hopes to become a pro as soon as he’s 18. Some of us play golf already but we have all been inspired to give it a go now. There is coaching starting at Keith Golf Club in the school holidays 🙂


Here are the sporty idols from our pupils in class 5 and 6.


In order to get to know our local athletes, we have contacted the National Federation of Athletes and asked them to give us the names of athletes who live nearby Larnaca and are successful athletes representing Cyprus abroad.  The students of 4th-5th – 6th grade prepared questions to interview the athletes who visited our school on Thursday 14th and Friday 15th of January 2015. Afterwards, the students prepared three presentations one for each athlete.







We had a lesson about sporty idols at grade 5 and the students enjoyed the information about a footballer-Wayne Rooney. They produced their own sporty idols and made posters of them. Besides we contacted some sportspeople and interviewed them. One of them came to our school and organised sport activities for the youngest learners.

The students made an interview with Jaroslaw Krzyżanowski

the interview with J. Krzyzanowski


We interviewed a young valleyball player Przemysław Sypko.




 An interview with a hockey player- Dawid Hućko

Ice hockey player- an interview


Sporty idols from our countries. Firstly, Finland:


Our school board about Sporty Idols.



Here are our children’s sporty idols!

…we also invited a young volleyball player, Sofia Renieri who plays in a team in Tuscany. She is eighteen and she explained the importance of matching healthy lifestyle, sport and studying. It was a very nice meeting!