Sports clubs around my hometown


The students of fifth and sixth grade worked in groups and with the help of their teachers and the english teacher had prepared presentation of sports clubs of various sports in Larnaca, nationwide and … Juventus, my Italian friends.

aek-basketball-team         aek-football-team        aek-womens-beach-volleyball-team

anorthosi-football-club     cyprus-national-basketball-teams      sports-club-   byron

cyprus-national-football-team       cyprus-swimming-federation

cyprus-volleyball-federation   juventus-football-team       omonia-nicosia-football-team


We have a lot of sports clubs around our town. Children can do different sports: volleyball, football, table tennis, bow and arrows, tennis, basketball etc. Our sports society is called AKS. The teams have coaches, their own shirts and they practice several times a week. They took part in competitions and win prizes. The newest club is dance club. Students of all ages can practice there, spend their free time and do their best to be fit and healthy.

These are the posters made by our students which took part in Erasmus + school competition.

We have winners!






The first pupils have already introduced their favorite sports club. Here are some examples.

The most important clubs in our town are the LCC- athletic club, LHC- handball club, 1. FC Energie Cottbus- football club, White Devils- basketball club, Crayfish- American football and SCC- gymnastic club. We have two successful cycling clubs, too.

Here some photos from a really nice PE lesson with a former soccer player of Energie Cottbus.


FINLAND – Sports Clubs in Suonenjoki

Project day 23th November

Visitors, videos, posters, presentations, exercises…

That is how we did our “Sports clubs -day” in Iisvesi School. Presentations were made from ice sports, motor sports, athletics, gymnastics, equestrian sports, etc.etc.
Groups, consisted of different age, planned way of working themselves. Very, very versatile indeed!

Project day 23th November samples


Here are our Sports Clubs . Our children usually join sports clubs . We have fencing club, footbool club, horse club and athletic club.

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