Modern sports or games


Today our students from class 5 and 6 made posters about two games that they play very often. Our language assistant helped them with writing.




Catch in a circle

  • The players make a circle
  • The players lie in pairs next to each other
  • Two other players run around the circle
  • One player (the “chaser”) tries to catch the other player
  • This player lies down next to a pair of players
  • The player on the outside of the group of 3 stands up quickly
  • If he or she is caught, he or she is now the chaser





Two-Field Ball 

  • There are two teams with the same number of players and a scarescrow in each team
  • The game is played with a volleyball
  • The field is 2 x 7 meters long and 9 meters wide
  • The game is won when all players and the scarescrow on one team are out

Throwing Rules 

  • Field players throw the ball across the middle line, and try to hit the opponents with it
  • A player is out if he or she is hit by the ball
    • The ball cannot touch the ground before it hits the player
    • If a player catches the ball, he or she stays on the field
  • Hit players leave the field and stand behind the opponent’s line
    • They come back onto the field if they get a free throw

Violation Rules 

  • If a player steps his or her foot over the line, the ball goes to the other team
    • If a player steps both feet over the line, the ball goes to the other team AND the player leaves the field


  • The scarecrow has 3 points
  • Both scarecrows start behind the line of the opponent’s team
    • They throw the ball into the field and try to hit the opponents
  • If the scarecrow comes into the field, the hit players cannot come back into the field but they can hit the opponents
  • The scarecrow can hit the players on the other team, too
  • If a scarecrow is hit 3 times, the game is over

Corner Throws and Passes 

  • The ball is played over the baseline and middle line
    • The ball is not played over the sideline
    • The ball is not played over corners






Thinking about a modern game our students like to play we decided to choose RINGO. I have prepared rules for the game and took some pictures.



The aim of the game is to throw RINGO object on the other side of the course and not let the opponent to catch it. The number of players: 1-1, 2-2 or 3-3. Every action can score a goal. Players finish the game when one of the teams reach 15 points. The circle (RINGO) can be cought only by one hand and thrown with the same hand. When the circle is dropped the player misses a point. When the circle is thrown  at least one foot must be on the floor. When one of the teams has 8 points they change the sides of the course.

RINGO must be made of rubber, the shape must be a circle and it should weigh 160-165 grams. The diameter should be 17 centimetres.



Our students made posters of the game and took part in school competition.


This year we have investigated traditional games. The pupils asked their parents and grandparents. We have decided to present the traditional game “The handkerchief” which is quite popular even today. It can accommodate a big group of students, it does not need preparation or specific equipment and it is quite quick and competitive. It depends on speed and good reflections.


Just before the carnival season we have the tradition to play at school traditional or fun games. They are self explanatory if you just watch the video. The children really enjoy them.


We are presenting both traditional/modern sports with a lot of humour included.

It is called

Friend carrying  competition

Originally wife carrying competition! In Finnish EUKON KANTO

More information:

Official page:

Fun presentation in youtube []


In Italy two games have been played. One is called “Amphora”, the other is called “Tris”. We also made another game/dance combined with music. It is called “Gioca Jouer”. The song says some common action that children have to reproduce. This song becomes faster second by second. Children had a lot of fun. For the description, photos and some drawings check the link:

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Gioca Jouer ⇐

The song for “Gioca Jouer” is here below:

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