In the first meeting in Cyprus it has been decided that it could be usefull having two types of logos. The first one, “ufficial”, has been created by Italian pupils, the second one, the “not ufficial”, has been created by all the pupils from different country-partners.


How did the idea come out?
Well…as all the (best 🙂 ) ideas, the idea of this logo came out during the lunch time, in the canteen. Pupils love to play everywhere and everytime and when there are no toys..let us use the imagination and make of everything that surround us a toy!!
Pupils noticed that spoons, forks and knives could gave birth to a “man”!
This “man”, in the centre, is in the middle of an hexagon where, our pupils, drew at the edges sportif figures. Teachers, after having highlighted the idea of being an European Union, suggested pupils to insert the twelve stars of EU.

12202147_901257056590154_1108933990_n 12204748_901257016590158_23121255_n

logo ufficiale (Small)


The shape of the logo, decided in Cyprus, is the hexagon. The hexagon, infact, can be easily split in six triangles, one for each partner of the project. European pupils made their own triangle and chose the one which could be better represent their country.
After that, each country sent the triangles chosen to Italian school which joined them all and “gave birth” to the “unofficial logo”.


Here are the candidates for Finnish part of the logo. The election day was today, so tomorrow you’ll know our choice.  Each class made their own works, so the candidates comes also from different classes.

WP_20151102_003 WP_20151102_004

logoFINLAND And this is the result of election…

Artist, Noora, is twelve years old and at 6th grade. In the picture there is a part of typical Finnish wood with a birch and fir trees which are very common here in Iisvesi too. There are also colours of the flag of Finland. Strawberry in the picture is because our region, Suonenjoki, is one of  the biggest strawberry producers in Finland.


Pupils from class 4 to 6 designed our part of the common logo.Making the logo

Here are the top three of Germany:


Pupils of second and fifth grade designed their part of the common logo.




Here are the two ideas from the UK Erasmus plus Ace Group

Robbie idea Georgia idea


We have prepared 3 logos.

logo3      logo2 (1)        logo2 (2)


Our pupils 4th- 6th grade prepared our part of the LOGO

 eli Nicos antonia

And our final selection included the following:

logo2 logo1 logo3


12200669_901256383256888_704327535_n 12202099_901256523256874_1501973120_n 12202286_901256476590212_1908843236_n 12202390_901256596590200_2000139061_n