Heritage sports



We have investigated and interviewed our grandparents not about sports, but about old traditional recipes. We have also invited grandparents to school to practice the recipe with the students of second and forth grade.

Here is the recipe and the interview: RECIPE FOR PITTES SATZIS WITH HALLOUMI CHEESE

Here is the video of this activity:



Children gave to grandparents a questionnaire where it was asked which sports and play they used to practise and what kind of food they used to eat. Here is the questionnaire:

From the answers of the grandparents, children understood that the major part of the grandparents did not practise any sport but they used to spend their days playing outside. Grandparents plays were: “il Mondo (World)”, “Nascondino (Hide and Seek)”, “Biglie (Marbles)”…………very different from the actual plays!! Grandparents ate very simple foods like bread oil and salt, bread sugar and jam. They were very sportif but…just few of them followed football……the major part followed cycling! At the end of this interview children understood that granparents lived very very healthy!! Here are the results:

…and some photos of the interview:


Our pupils have interviewed their parents and grandparents about games. They have tried to explain these games in English Lessons and we will try them out in PE.


Piotr Basiński-prezentacja– our grandparents’ sports and fun

Sport, zabawy naszych dziadków(1)- How did our grandparents play?

Sports and fun of our grandparents


Pupils interviewed their grandparents concerning their favorite games as children. Pupils thought also about the games they themselves like most.


The final raport

We noticed that grandparent`s favorite game was “10 tikkua laudalla” and our favorite game is “kirkonrotta”. We also noticed that grandparents mentioned 29 different outdoorsgames and the children only 10 of them. We talked about that difference and pupils figured out/realized grandparents didn`t have mobilephones, computers or other guided hobbies. That`s why they spent more time outside.


Pupils interviewed with a form and summed up the information in diagrammes. We compered the games now and then in this way.

DSCN1359 DSCN1369 DSCN1377 DSCN1379

We also invited grandparents to school to teach children their favorite games.

WP_20150827_001 DSCN1357 DSCN1358 DSCN1365DSCN1356

Seppo taught us how to play “throwing a coin” and Marja taught “wallball”. We want to teach those games to our other pupils as well.

UK Sports

The youngest pupils in school asked their parents what games they used to play when they were young. The teachers also asked their parents what they had played! Most popular were running and skipping games.

On the last day of term the children invited their families in to play the games together in their regular sharing sessions they usually have. Here are some pictures of the families having fun and also below are the posters that Erasmus ACE group created to explain the games.