Pictures of Health


Art Project – Healthy Food 5th and 6th grade

We did some water color paintings, drawings and paper mache works. We used “live” models. Work on this topic was a lot of fun, but a bit messy at some points! 🙂

lautanen 2                                 lautanen 1

Perfect plate model in Finland – 1st grade



Art lesson about “Healthy Food” in Germany

Our pupils in class 6 produced drawings- still lives to our project topic ” Healthy living”.

Later we will do choose our part for our  common Art Collage.

Here some examples :

We have chosen our best picture for our common art collage.

Here it is:



UK Vegetable printing on recycled bags

For more pictures and information about how we did our artwork follow this link to the St Thomas RC School website.




Our children had fun creating artworks taking fruits and vegetables as main topic. They decided to use different techniques as “lines”, pointinism and tempera. They made great artworks and we chose to share with you these below. After we will take only one artwork from each country which will be a part of our common logo.



…and other pictures…

For our common collage we have chosen this below:

planimetria10001 (Large)



We organised workshops with healthy  art. It was fun!



Our art teacher worked on this topic with students of the 3rd grade. They worked in teams. We have selected the following six picture. On the best picture we will have students from Finland decide using Etwinning. And so they did: and the winner is the last one (the sixth).