Eat with your eyes!

UK  pupils at with their eyes!

Inspired by what they saw in Cottbus Miss McCormick, Mrs Wilson and Ms Francis helped the pupils at St Thomas ‘Eat with their eyes!’ Children in the youngest class made patterns and creatures from an assortment of vegetables and fruit and then the Erasmus ACE group finished off the left overs with yet more crazy creations. Have a look at the pictures to see which you would most like to EAT !!!


Our students know that healthy food prepared in an attractive and colourful way looks and tastes delicious. They prepared some food, shared with their friends and made recipes.




For this activity, we have invited to school Mr Vaggelis Kaloudis who is a chef, working at Larnaca’s International Airport. His job at the moment is to prepare meals for airline companies like Emirates, Blue Air, British Airlines etc. He talked to the students of second and third grade about his professional experience. He also had a discussion with them about their eating habits and the importance of eating fresh fruits and vegetables daily. We have told him that the topic of our activity is “Eat with your eyes” and he presented two recipes: a)Colourful salad and b)Healthy dessert.  At the end, students and teachers ate the salad and the dessert with great pleasure. Here are some pictures, a video and the recipes of this activity.




Pupils had fun making colorfull fruit composition helped by parents and teachers. We decided to use fruit because the major part of pupil love eating fruit: strawberries, bananas, apples, pears, grapes, pineapple, apples and mandarins. For the composition toothpicks have been very usefull. After making these healthy “artworks” all the school community took part in a healthy break. All the pupils were very happy and these “fruit sculpture” convinced some of them to taste fruits that they do not usually eat. It was a success! 🙂


Our pupils tried out a lot of recipes under the topic “Eat with your eyes” in our cooking club.

They will cook some of that for the teaching and learning activity in Cottbus. Teachers and pupils will try it.

Here some photos.


Here you can see the art works we made. Which one looks like an indian, a face, garden, a rose…?