Germany meeting

We executed our first learning and teaching activity from 24th April until 30th April in Cottbus.

12 Teachers from Poland, Scotland, Cyprus, Italy and Finland as well as 6 Polish pupils took part.

It was a great event with a lot of permanent experiences.

That was the meeting schedule:

Sunday, 24th April:


Monday, 25th April:

  • welcoming ceremony in the gym
  • workshops

1. Cyprus-  traditional dance 

2. Poland- zumba

3. Scotland- traditional dances

4. Italy- baking chestnut cookies

5. Finland- games like Finnish baseball and magician

  • „the newspaper“ visits us
  • presentation of all groups in the gym
  • visit lessons
  • visit school
  • visit the „Trimm Dich Pfad“ an der Spree
  • walk of Olympic medaillists at the town hall
  • visit the town centre
  • visit the Spremberg Tower

Tuesday, 26th April :

  • breakfast prepared by the cooking club to the topic “Eat with your eyes”
  • workshops twice
  • presentation of all groups in the gym twice
  • visit from the local TV
  • visit castle and park Branitz with an English guided tour for adults and guided tour for children

Wednesday, 27th April :

  • Sports competition„Who is the fittest?“ each partner school worked at one station as a judge
  • visit the sports centre inclusive our college of PE for football, volleyball, handball, gymnastics, athletics and cycling guided by the former Youth European champion in hammer throw Peter Przesiding

Thursday, 28th April:

  • visit the PZNU ( Educational Center for Nature and Environment) .
  • learning about nutrition pyramide
  • cooking healthy food together
  • trip to Burg ( Spreewald)
  • traditional boat trip
  • visit a special restaurant ( you pay what you order) 

Friday, 29th April:

class trips to different destinations for example:

  • visit the Pharmacy museum and to a bowling facility class 6a guided by Polish and class 6b by Italian teachers
  • visit Sportspark and do sports and cook guided by Scottish teachers
  • PIPAPO ( Indoor playground) guided by Cyprian teachers
  • visit our football stadium of Energie Cottbus guided by Finnish Teachers
  • visit the sports centre
  • visit PZNU
  • visit different places for cooking healthy food and learn about it
  • visit of a dentist
  • Bowling  with German and international teachers

after that dinner ( you pay what you order)

Samstag, 30.4.: departures