Seven year old digimasters!


Iisvesi school seven years old students got their first touch to the publicity in local news. Each of them has got a computer of their own! They are called the digijumpers! Of course we jump a lot without computers too!


Christmas cards are ready!

Our students prepared Christmas cards for pupils and teachers from partner schools. We hope you will like them!!!


Happy Christmas to all of you!!!

Sports Calendar

We haven’t got snow yet in the west of Poland but those in the east have a lot. Anyway, on Cyprus they have 25 centigrades and still sun shining 🙂

Our children had a lot of fun preparing exercises for our calendar. The pupils from the nursary school to the 6 th grade were very eager to do sport.


So there has been hot in Cyprus? This year winter came early to Finland! Suonenjoki is covered with beautiful snow cover. The most eager, like me, are definitely going to ski. Kaisa took this photo from Iisvesi school window on friday.talvi.

Athletic activities with Agios Lazaros A’

We have been very slow this year for organizing athletic activities because the weather has been extremely hot for workout in the open space. Now that the weather gets cooler we had our usual athletic meeting with our neighbor school Agios Lazaros A’ . Students of the sixth grade of both schools participated in groups and visited  four sports stations: basketball, football, bowling and game of throwing the ball. There was also a station for relaxing where the pupils had an apples to renew their strength.All students liked the activities and we promised them to organize a Part B of the athletic meeting in our school yard. athletic-activities