Farewell party (With healthy food?)

My students are leaving  this school after two weeks. I have been working with them six years. Reason to have a good time, isn’t it?  We had a lovely evening in my home, making, of course, a healthy food. PIZZZZZA!!!  Some of them even dared to swim in a lake. (+12 degrees). Now we staying a night in our school (I hope they are sleeping now!!!).  Waiting for a summer! Keijo


2 thoughts on “Farewell party (With healthy food?)

  1. what a lovely day!! Landscape is very different from winter..no snow!! And pizza..must be delicious!! 🙂


  2. It must have been a unique experience to work with the same students for so many years. And now that they leave school the feelings should be very strong. This is the first time I have students for a second year and my students are graduating in three weeks. We will celebrating too, we would share a gigantic watermelon with our traditional halloumi cheese to keep our healthy orientation.

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