Tempting Fruits

Here are Scotland’s tempting feasts using fruit and vegetables.100_1841 100_1853


Beans report

Despite our efforts to keep every plant alive the weather was very hot and worked against us. Especially during Easter vacation when the school was closed  nobody could water the plants for about 5 days. We tried to save them these past two weeks. As you can see from the pictures the survivors are the beans from Germany and Italy. Plants from Poland are struggling to overcome the heat,  while beans from Scotland did not make it at all. We decided to plant the Finnish beans next Autumn and see how they will do in our winter time.



Farewell party (With healthy food?)

My students are leaving  this school after two weeks. I have been working with them six years. Reason to have a good time, isn’t it?  We had a lovely evening in my home, making, of course, a healthy food. PIZZZZZA!!!  Some of them even dared to swim in a lake. (+12 degrees). Now we staying a night in our school (I hope they are sleeping now!!!).  Waiting for a summer! Keijo

Thank you

I would like to thank you Maike, Kristina and all teachers in Germany for the unique experience during the Learning and teaching activity. The cooperation is fantastic, people are great and the time spent with you all is unforgetable. German teachers were great and everything was organised perfectly. I will never forget it!!!! Thank you once again!!!!