WELCOME CEREMONY Iisvesi school march 2016


Muuvit Sport Adventure


During the past few weeks our class has attended Muuvit Sport Adventure. Every pupil has marked his/her own amount of excercise every day (one mark from 10 minutes of excercise) and we have counted all together and travelled across Europe! Our pupils wanted to visit our dear penpal countries Poland and Scotland and of course enjoy the spring sun in Venice. In the picture you can see our route. Looks like we’re stuck in Venice now. 😉


Girls from 3rd grade prepared and organized a hobby horse gathering for younger pupils in the gym. Horses run wild aroud and learned e.g. dressage and jumping over the gates. It was great fun!



Nessie, Scotty and Pacanov “on the road”

hiihtokuva3    hiihtoretki

Nessie, Scotty and Pacanov enjoyed skiing trip with 3rd and 4th graders. The sun was shining and weather was perfect to go where ever we wanted. Nessie, Scotty and Pacanov couln’t believe how fun it was to ski around the fields and eat snacks in the sun shine!



In the swing of it!

Today we started to learn how to play golf. We are learning it because we chose a golfer as our sporting idol. Some of us have played before so that was a great help to Ms Francis.


Beans’ report

We have planted the beans you gave us in Finland about a month ago in pots outside. They are doing excellent. There has been  good weather and that helped a lot. We water them everyday and hope that the heat will not burn them. If everything goes fine, by the end of the school year we plan to harvest, cook  and eat them. It was a nice idea to try out this activity after all.





In an effort to enrich our sports activities we have invited a children’s zumba instructor to our school to work with all classes. For this past month, the zumba teacher came to our school twice a week and presented this kind of dance to students during their P.E. lessons. Students were very excited for having this experience.





Here we are studying how our beans are growing. In plastic bags we saw how different start all the beans had! It takes a while before we can move them outdoors.