Goodbye Scottish Teddy bear!!!

Yesterday the children in our school said GOODBYE to Scottish teddy bear because he is flying to Finland on Sunday. The students liked the teddy bear and they were a little bit sad. They hope another one will come to them!



We love Italy!

It is so much fun to study about Italy! Today we made pizza and we watched the movie Pinoccio. This was a good way to finish our studies. (1. and 2. graders)

Golfing idol tees off at St Thomas


Thank you to Mr George Clark who came to school today. He was quizzed by P4-6 armed with many, very well composed questions. Mr Clark plays golf at Cullen and at Newmachar and he absolutely loves the game. He is a great ambassador for the sport telling the children that his main reasons for playing golf are for friendship and for the honesty of the game.

We also learned that there are some 500 golf courses in Scotland for a population of 5 million….That’s the most golf courses as a percentage of the population in the world!

Mr Clark began playing when he was six and hasn’t stopped yet!

Who do you think is hiding under here? And which famous golfer signed this hat? Should he have paid better attention in handwriting lessons at school????IMG_0321

Fair Play

Last Friday the Cyprus Federation of Football made a presentation in our school about the importance of Fair Play against violence, racism and bullying. Football players of one of the biggest local team AEK explained and gave examples of fair play through their experiences in Cyprus and abroad. The students were excited to see well know football players visiting the school and asked for photos and autographs.


We are published…

Some time ago we have prepared an announcement about our project and our first transnational meeting in Cyprus and we have send it to the newspapers. Somehow the passage was lost in translation. The next time we have tried to go published we  came in touch with a reporter to pull the right strings to have our announcement in the national newspapers. Bingo!!! At a small corner but it is in a national newspaper. We are famous now… Next time you come to Cyprus people will stop you to ask for autographs. Be prepared!