Videoconference Poland- Germany

Today we had a videoconference with Germany. It was a fantastic experience for us and for our students. It was our first time! All students wanted to take part. It was really nice to see the students from Germany and Mrs Kristina. The students talked about hobbies. I am very pleased how the managed.


On Wednesday 2nd March, during our visit to Finland, we had the second videoconference with students in Poland. It was a great experience!




Our tradition is to open the sport season on our playground. On the 11th April our school prepared a picnic for students and parents. Our local authorities also were there and they sponsored the event. We did sprt of course: zumba, playing basketball with only one (left) hand like disabled people, football but also we had barbecue with sausages, a cafe with delicious caffee and cakes and everybody had great fun!!!





This week’s Erasmus Activity club was learning about currency today. We learned that we have Sterling in the UK but most of the rest of Europe use Euros. We spent some time looking at coins from many different countries and representing many different currencies. We noticed that nearly all have a head on one side, some writing and usually a date and some numbers. We made our own coins from clay and made some drawings of paper money. Ms Francis had to go to the post office to get 5, 10, 20 and 50 Euro notes for the group to study. That was an expensive lesson for her because it cost just over £71. Never mind she’ll soon spend it in Finland with Mrs Anderson 🙂


Finding our way round Europe

The ACE group in Keith were finding their way around Europe today. We used programmable Beebots to motor their way around the different Erasmus partner schools. At each country they had to collect treasure. It was great to see children learning their compass directions and the names of the places whilst having FUN!

Then the children had a go at speaking some of the languages spoken across Europe. Some of them sounded very funny but some of them very similar. The children played a game to match up the read out  words to the written words on posters Ms Francis got from the European Commission.


Creative Cypriot Cooking


The boys and girls in the P1-4 class emailed the teacher in Cyprus for some traditional Cypriot recipes. The class decided to make Cypriot lentils and rice. We thought it was delicious and next week we will be making a Finnish dish!


Project day

Today at our school children, parents and teachers have had fun in preparing a healthy snack and sport activities. We organized a relay mixed with cooking..nothing more…you will discover more next days………..stay tuned 🙂


Healthy living in Art

Our pupils in class 6 produced drawings- still lives to our project topic ” Healthy living”.

Later we will do choose our part for our  common Art Collage.

Here some examples :


Day of the open school door

We had our “Day of open school door” on 8th January.

There we presented our school for the new beginners. A special was the unveilung of our Erasmus+ project sign.

Here you can see it:

And the best- I got more signs for all partners and I will bring them to Finland.


ACE Groups at St Thomas

At St Thomas on a Monday afternoon the whole school divides into 4 teams and each team completes project work with different teachers. Ms Francis’ group learns about our Erasmus plus project. This week the group were learning the flags of our partner countries and also learning where the actual countries are in Europe. Here are the results of our learning in pictures. The towers are made of Lego bricks to match the flag of that country, clever eh? Look what we did to Cyprus !