Christmas Wishes

Today is our last school day before Christmas vacations. We will be back at school in two weeks. So we prepared a short video for you with some songs and our wishes to you. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Healthy treat at school

When our students have their birthday or name day they bring and share treats with their classmates and friends usually chocolates, candies, cakes, croissants, chips etc. In an effort to change their attitudes towards healthy snacks we have encouraged them to offer healthy treats to their classmates and friends like fresh fruits and vegetables, homemade cakes or pies, dried fruits and nuts. So this is the 6th grade celebrating an apple treat and saying the well know “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. There is a similar saying in Greek as well.


Christmas video

Today we got a very nice video with Christmas wishes from Finland.

The video is great. Tomorrow I will show it our pupils. I think they will really enjoy it.

Thank you very much.


Video conference with Italy

Today the pupils from class 6a took part at our first video conference with our partners from Italy.

We sang Christmas carols together. Later we talked about our free time activities, our stars, our sporty idols and , and, and…

It was really great. Using a foreign language was a nice experience for all participants.

In summary- they want do more of such conferences with all the partners.


Our first video conference with Germany

This morning has been a very special morning because we could have seen and skpoken with our country partners for the first time in the history of our school. We were all very excited during the conference and before it. We did the Christmas tree, posters.. In the meeting took part three classes, 2C, 5B and 5C. It has been very interesting because pupils have known theirselves and asked lots of questions. It has been very lovely when German and Italian pupils sang songs.

These experiences are very important because knowing each others, help in growing pupils and encourage them to give always the best.

We are looking forward to speak and know pupils of different countries.




First video conference

Today we had our first video conference with our Scottish partner school in Keith. We were really excited.

All pupils enjoyed the possibility to speak with the Scottish pupils and to see them face to face.

We sang Christmas carols and we were very surprised as the Scottish pupils started with the German Song “Stille Nacht” . It sounds great.

Later  the pupils talk about hobbies, food, drink, football, Christmas and much more.

These was a very nice experience for all pupils. Let’s do it more.


Project day in a FLEX class

Last week one of our Flex class baked Christmas cookies in a bakery.

After that they speak about healthy food and healthy livestyle, too.

And the cookies…… delicious. Yummy!



Advertising fruits, milk and dairy products

In our Greek Language lesson grades 4-6  have a unit about Healthy Eating. To get the younger children  of the school learn about the benefits of eating fresh milk, dairy products, fresh fruits and fruit juices our students prepared advertisements about them and we will post them in the school yard.





Video Conference with Germany

Today we managed a video conference between Germany and the UK. The children sang songs to each other and held conversations. The children asked each other all sorts of question from what is the weather like to what will you eat on Christmas dinner. We both have someone called Emma in our classes…How funny! Well done to everyone who took part it was great fun and a real achievement 🙂


Making salads

The students of 5th grade with the headmistress prepared and ate salads. The students had the chance to touch, smell, cut and taste fresh vegetables so as to appreciate their valuable nutrients that keep us fit and healthy. The students enjoyed the process and the final product