Our healthy food cooking club

In September 2015 started our cooking club with pupils from class 5 and 6. Here they learn to cook healthy and delicious meals together.

While cooking they set and decorate the tables and later they enjoy their meals together.

They have the task to prepare meals for our project day. Their they will sell the meals to our guests.

Here are some photos:


start playing with sports Xmas calendar

Wow thanks to Finnish pupils (and teachers 😉 ) for the stunning work about Christmas Calendar. Tomorrow i explain that to all the pupils of my school! I think that also teachers should join Christmas Calendar..we have to prepare ourselves to be healthy because during holidays we will gain weight! 🙂

Erasmus+ information at school

We have done a notice board about Erasmus+ at our school to let students, teachers and parents know about our activities.


Erasmus+ Club in Poland

Hi everybody!

We are very busy at Erasmus+ Club and we are trying to meet all countries involved in the project. We are doing posters and presentations. I would like to show you some photos of our work and the results (the notice board). Firstly, the students have done project about Scotland.


We also talked about Guy Fawkes Night at the beginning of November to meet English culture. We have done Guy Fawkes.


And the children are having a great time with the teddy bear from Scotland.



Leek Soup from the School’s Allotment

Last week Ms Francis and a gardening volunteer went down to the school’s allotment at the Community site and and picked leeks. We gave them to our school cooks so they could whip them up into a delicious leek and potato soup for our school dinners. Our visiting PE teacher decided to join in the fun! Ms Francis took the left overs home for supper…Who says there’s no perks to teaching 🙂


ACE Erasmus Group

On a Monday afternoon we have ACE groups. Children take turns to learn about our new partners and help make decisions about what we do and how we do it. luckily the ACE group this time helped plan the Run for Health which was such a great success.
Euro Activity club (4) (Medium) Euro Activity club (3) (Medium) Euro Activity club (2) (Medium) Euro Activity club (1) (Medium)
Here is the website the children are using, have a go it’s really fun 🙂


Front page school!


RfHfronpage       RfHfronpage2

Iisvesi school was the front page of our local newspaper today! News was about our live connection to St. Thomas school and about a “Run for health”-happening. Some of the students and Kaisa were interviewed. We received a lot of positive publicity for our Erasmus-project. Cool!


Run for Health

We, R. Lakomy Primary School did our Runoff Health last Friday. The weather was really nice and the pupils were very motivated. They ran more than one marathon.


Getting ready for the Healthy Run

Just because it’s a healthy run doesn’t mean it can’t be fun! We plan to link up via video conference with our friends in Finland for a warm up before we all go out running. Because it’s Guy Fawkes Night in the UK, the children in Scotland are dressing up as fireworks and they will be ‘rocket’ propelled around the track 🙂 Here are some pictures of us preparing our head gear for the run.
IMG_0628 (Medium) IMG_0629 (Medium) IMG_0630 (Medium) IMG_0631 (Medium) IMG_0632 (Medium)


2nd Attempt

Please cross your fingers. We will do our Run of Health on 6th November.

We hope the weather will be with us.