EXPO’ 2015 @Milano

Yesterday somebody went to visit Expò..dissemination must be done in the best way! 😉 In the next meeting you will receive a small gift from Expò!

1st row) Germany pavilion
2nd) The “tree of life”, symbol of Expò
3rd) Israel (left) and Italian pavilion (right), a Fiat 500 made with fruits
4th) Poland pavilion and UK pavilion
Water games and top view of Expò
China pavilion 

IMG_7394 (Small) IMG_7398 (Small) IMG_7401 (Small) IMG_7405 (Small) IMG_7409 (Small) IMG_7438 (Small) IMG_7459 (Small) IMG_7510 (Small) IMG_7524 (Small) IMG_7543 (Small) IMG_7384 (Small)


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