Official, unofficial logo…olive tree

Hello!! We are working on the 2 versions of the logo, the official one and the unofficial!! It’s a big work but very very nice!! Our pupils are giving their best!! ūüėČ We are also working on the olive tree and all the activities related to it, the flowers, fruits, the collections of olives and the oil! ūüėČ Everything for a better style of life!!

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Getting ready for Run for Health

Hello to everybody

Today we are having a National Holiday so I had time to upload our assignment “This is me” on our webpage. Tomorrow we are planning to have our part of Run for Health and we are keeping our fingers crossed not to rain. Our weather has been unstable for this past week. We have our gym outfits ready but in case of rain we will¬†¬†catch up with any of you on a different date in November. ¬†Our part of the logo will be done by the end of this week and I will upload it over the weekend. So far so good. When all of you get back from your vacation, lucky guys, we will plan the rest of our activities until Christmas time. ¬†I hope you all had fun and recharged your batteries for work. We will be in touch. Talk to you soon.

Update from Scotland

We’ve just had a two week holiday which was traditionally for the children to help their farming families harvest the tatties (potatoes)…Not sure how many potatoes were gathered in 2015 though!

Please have a look at the UK introduction pages for some children’s work and then have a look at the Logo page for the two winning designs from the Erasmus Plus Ace Group…Well done Robbie and Georgia, I wonder which one our Italian friends will choose as the overall winner?

Games with the neighbor school Dimotiko Scholeio Agios Lazaros 1

Dear friends

Last Wednesday we had a lovely weather and the students of the 5th + 6th grade of our school went to the next door elementary school DIMOTIKO SCHOLEIO AGIOS LAZAROS 1. There the P.E teachers had set stations with six different sports. The students of both schools in mixed teams played in all stations and had a lot of fun. Because we do not forget healthy living, at their break between stations all students had an apple as a snack.


EXPO’ 2015 @Milano

Yesterday somebody went to visit Exp√≤..dissemination must be done in the best way! ūüėČ In the next meeting you will receive a small gift from Exp√≤!

1st row) Germany pavilion
2nd) The “tree of life”, symbol of Exp√≤
3rd) Israel (left) and Italian pavilion (right), a Fiat 500 made with fruits
4th) Poland pavilion and UK pavilion
Water games and top view of Expò
China pavilion 

IMG_7394 (Small) IMG_7398 (Small) IMG_7401 (Small) IMG_7405 (Small) IMG_7409 (Small) IMG_7438 (Small) IMG_7459 (Small) IMG_7510 (Small) IMG_7524 (Small) IMG_7543 (Small) IMG_7384 (Small)

Our part of the logo and no “Run of health”

We have loaded the 3 best logos on our website¬†under “Logo” today.

Tomorrow we wanted perform our “Run for Health” with the Polish school.The weather god has the running time deleted.¬†Here it rains for several days. The soil is so wet that we can not use the sports ground.


It should be rainy rain tomorrow again. In addition, it’s been really cold. Winter says hello. We will try to start our run in November after our Autumn holidays.